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Welcome, one and all.

So now, I have six books published, the latest book being 'Still More Honourable Athletes', the final book of the 'Honourable Athletes' trilogy. Among the values lauded in this book are accepting yourself, teamwork, and confronting taboos. And I finally got a story with Australian mammals published, (actually three stories, in the book.) I wonít have any more books published for a while, but I am working on various projects, including my biography.

Meanwhile, my contract as an administrative assistant for the Gatineau Archdiocese will be ending on Canada Day, due to lack of work. Itís disappointing, but it did give me some added skills that I can use for a next job. And after taking a few weeks vacation, Iíll start looking for that next job.

Finally, last year, I took part in the Prose in the Park book fair in Ottawa. It was a bit disappointing sales-wise, but this year should be much better..

Iíd love to hear from you, so please donít hesitate to contact me.

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