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Welcome, one and all.

So now, I have nine books published, the latest book being Anna and Cora Bunny, a book about the adventures of two young rabbits, first at winter camp, and then on a 3-week trip through Europe. (The book has already been labelled as Recommended Reading by the URSA Major Awards.) As for my other projects: Tales of Conscience, third batch is well on its way to being completed; and Deadly Canada: 100 Worst Disasters of the 20th Century, parts I & II is also pretty much finished, though I might have to rework it, since I kept discovering other disasters as I was going. Thus, I might wind up writing more than 100, and be forced to remove some. And I’ve also started writing a sequel to Zootopia: Wilde Times of the Tame Collar, called Zootopia: Secrets. In short, I’ll still be busy for a while.

Meanwhile, I worked at the Elections Canada warehouse for around 9 months last year, despite the ‘Convoy’ and confusing mask rules. I also caught up to my travelling, doing two trips, (one week in Almelo, the Netherlands, then five days in Osnabruck, Germany. I now have an important job with Health Canada.

Finally, I'm still in the Furry Fandom; and I've even gotten myself a fursuit, (custom-made animal costume.) It's of a red fox in a doctor's uniform, and his name is Dr. Softpaws.

I'd love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to contact me me.

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