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Welcome, one and all.

Just finishing projects right now. Indeed, after many years of research, I have finally completed a pet project of mine: At the Wrong Place,...Canadaís 100 Deadliest Disasters of the 20th Century, vol. I, which will include North Americaís first act of domestic terrorism, in 1949. Volume 2, ...At the Wrong Time, has also been completed, and I'm nearly finished the third installment of the Tales of Conscience series. In addition, I'm planning a fourth book in the Tales of Conscience series. Needless to say Iíve been busy, and will continue to be busy

Meanwhile, the job with Health Canada didnít pan out very well. First, I spent most of my time waiting for the phone to ring; and second, the protocol there was absolutely crazy. For example, if you saw packs of sugar on the kitchen counter, you had to ask around to find out to whom they belonged, and ask permission to take them. It was the protocol that forced me to leave after five weeks. Luckily, I quickly found a new job: scanning medical documents at Transport Canada. There, I found the kindest, most patient supervisors ever,...and three coworkers constantly on the verge of WWIII. The job ended in February, and Iím waiting now for the new federal budget, and hopefully a new job, to come in, Meanwhile, Iíve planned myself a 5-day trip next April to the Azores.

I still dress up as Dr. Softpaws, (see photo), and his wife, but mostly to public events. I find them more fun, and the people are nicer than at conventions for people who dress up like animals, (called furcons). Strange, but true.

I'd love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to contact me me.

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