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Welcome, one and all.

So now, I have eight books published, the latest book being Zootopia: Wilde Times of the Tame Collar, a book based on the original script of the movie 'Zootopia', (the script had been rejected due to its 'upsetting' story line). My publisher said that I could have the book published since I wasn't criticizing Disney or Pixar, so I should be OK. Also, I have completed another book of editorials, called Tales of Conscience, part 2; and wrote another book of furry literature, called Anna and Cora Bunny, which will be published hopefully soon after the end of the COVID pandemic. If that wasn't enough, I've started writing a third book of editorials, and a book on the 100 deadliest disasters in Canada during the 20th century. So right now, I'm pretty busy.

Meanwhile, I started working for the Canadian Government; first at Elections Canada in 2019, then at Service Canada's COVID Information Line, and now I'm back with Environment Canada, working again as an Administrative Assistant, at least until next June.

Finally, I'm still in the Furry Fandom; and I've even gotten myself a fursuit, (custom-made animal costume.) It's of a red fox in a doctor's uniform, and his name is Dr. Softpaws.

I'd love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to contact me me.

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