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Welcome, one and all.

Well, what do you know; Iím up to five books now. Indeed, I have written a book of short stories and editorials called, "Tales of Conscience". In it, I take on things that annoy me: police brutality, narcissism, the cult of the professional athlete,Ö and I do it mostly in a funny way, but sometimes it was necessary for me to stay serious. Itís somewhat of a therapeutic work, if I can say that. The book has just been published, and is now available for sale.

Meanwhile, Iím still working as an administrative assistant for the Gatineau Archdiocese. The contract was extended until April 2016, and may be for even longer than that.

Finally, last year, I took part in the Prose in the Park book fair in Ottawa, and will be taking part in this yearís edition as well.

Iíd love to hear from you, so please donít hesitate to contact me.

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